With a reputation for delivering high-energy performances that ignite crowds at parties and events around the globe, Danique is a force to be reckoned with. From DJ shows to dinner shows, and musicals to TV appearances, she lives and breathes drums, bringing her unparalleled passion and energy to every stage she graces. Get ready for a wild ride!


Experience the unparalleled power and impact of live percussion drums and spices on your tracks! With a proven track record of collaborations with The Vengaboys and Moguai, Danique brings unmatched versatility and expertise to the table, helping to transform your musical vision into a reality. Whether you're in need of live studio recordings or remote sessions, Danique is here to help bring your sound to life. Find the sample packs below!
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MC Danique is in the house! Calling all party people! With her infectious energy and dynamic stage presence, Danique knows just how to get the crowd going. Whether she's captivating audiences with her rhythmic feeling or unleashing her powerful vocals, this talented MC is sure to bring the house down at your next event. Get ready to go wild!


The percussionist is also available as a professional drummer on the drumset (variations thereof) and cajon. In the past, she had represented and supported brands like Bax Music, Pearl Music Europe, and Awakenings Festival.

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About Danique (EN)

Danique (1998) discovered her passion for percussion at a young age and has since impressively developed her musical talents as a percussionist, drummer, and MC. She shines on international stages, collaborating with renowned agencies and well-known names in the music industry.

Currently, Danique is the central figure in Marc Forno's enchanting dinner show 'Grandeur' and holds a regular spot at Amsterdam's premier club, "Club Escape." Danique's career is on a trajectory of growth, leaving an indelible mark with each performance

As a proud endorser of Vater, Roland, and Pearl Percussion, Danique symbolizes a dedication to excellence and innovation in music. Onstage, expect more than mere beats; witness the unfolding legacy of an artist continually pushing creative boundaries

Over Danique (NL)

Danique (1998) ontdekte haar passie voor percussie op jonge leeftijd en heeft sindsdien haar muzikale talenten als percussionist, drummer en MC op indrukwekkende wijze ontwikkeld. Ze schittert op internationale podia, waar ze samenwerkt met vooraanstaande agentschappen en bekende namen in de muziekindustrie

Op dit moment is Danique de centrale figuur in Marc Forno's betoverende dinnershow 'Grandeur' en heeft ze een vaste plek in de grootste club van Amsterdam, "Club Escape". Haar carriรจre groeit, en bij elk optreden laat ze een onvergetelijke indruk achter.

Als trotse endorser van Vater, Roland en Pearl Percussion vertegenwoordigt Danique niet alleen haar toewijding aan haar vak, maar ook haar streven naar muzikale perfectie. Haar unieke ritme en sound hebben blijvende invloed op de percussie en muziekindustrie. Op het podium beleef je niet alleen een muzikale sensatie, maar ook de legacy van een vernieuwende artiest. 

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